Grammar & Writing Regular (ONLINE)

4,500.00 4,000.00

Course Duration: 2.5 Months

Total Class No: 24

Build your Foundation in English Grammar & Improve your Writing Skills!


English & bangla


4,500.00 4,000.00

Course Duration: 2.5 Months

Total Class No: 24


Our Writing Regular Online Course will discuss the basic problems students have while writing in English and show them how to fix those. The goal of this course is to teach students how to write in English effectively using proper grammar, sentence structure and format. Additionally, this course includes instruction on how to correctly write applications, emails, cover letters, resumes, and reports.

Your tutors are here to assist you in identifying your areas of strength and weakness so that you may focus on them to achieve the greatest results. There will be 24 classes overall over a 2.5 month period and this course is open to students of all educational levels. The students will get free access to language clubs in addition to their recorded sessions for a period of three months. Students' speaking, writing, and English proficiency will all increase as a result of joining these clubs.

In this course students will learn :

      • Different sentence structure, Tense basics, Voice basics and how to properly use them.

      • Correct use of Articles, Pronouns, Preposition and Conditionals in a sentence.

      • How to make sentences long, correct spelling and capitalization.
      • How to write Application, Email, Cover letter and more.

      • Daily writing practice in the class and 2 Guided writing classes.

Course Outline

Identifying mistakes in a paragraph

Writing Practice (e.g. - Introduce yourself)

Class Test 01 (Find mistakes in a letter)

Different structures for a single sentence

Translating full sentences, Compound sentence structure

Class Test 02 (Translate given sentences)

Difference between Bangla and English sentence structure

Various grammatical forms of present tense

Class Test 03 (Fill in the blanks)

Different kinds of Past Tense with examples

Class Test 04 (Fill the gaps)

Ways to use future tense in a sentence

Writing Practice (e.g. - A conversation)

Class test 05 (Complete a conversation)

Passive Voice at a glance

Translation Practice

Class Test 06 (Translate to English)

Identifying Subjects and verbs in a sentence

Different rules explained with examples

Class Test 07 (Correct the given sentences)

When to use v-ing verbs

When to use ‘to’ verbs

Class Test 08 (Translate to English)

Uses of A, An and The

Using pronouns accurately in a sentence

Class Test 09 (Fill the gaps with correct pronouns)

Prepositions of movements

Class Test 10 (Choose correct prepositions for given scenarios)

Prepositions for stationary position

Prepositions for time explained with examples

Class Test 11 (Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions)

Translate differently structured sentences into English

Class Test 12 (Fill the gaps with good/well/bad/badly/ill)

MCQ practice problems

Translate sentences that contain conditionals and causatives

Class Test 13 (Complete a conversation)

Translate sentences that are differently structured

Class Test 14 (Translate into English)

How to use various words to make a sentence long

How to connect two sentences to make them one

Class Test 15 (Translate some long sentences into English)

Which words are used to join ideas

How to accurately use those words

Class Test 16 (Join ideas using a word)

How to build a long sentence from multiple short sentences

Class Test 17 (Combine sentences to make a long sentence)

Steps to write a thematic paragraph

How to describe a given picture

Class Test 18 (Write a thematic paragraph)

How and when to change the spelling of a word

When to use capital letters

Class Test 19 (Correct the spelling of given words)

Accurate uses of parallelism and redundancy

Class Test 20 (Correct some sentences)

How to write in a correct format

In depth discussion on different formats

Class Test 21 (Rearrange a given application)

How to write an argument

Tips and tricks for Essay writing

Class Test 22 (Write an argument)

Right way to write precis from a discussion

Class Test 23 (Write a precis)

Identify the correct sentence

Identify the correct word

Confusing words and how to deal with them

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