IELTS Premium

20,000.00 19,500.00

Course Duration: 6 Months

Total Class No: 54

IELTS Premium promises to bring out the best of you with an opportunity of course repetition, longer studentship, more mock tests and complimentary teacher support


English & bangla


20,000.00 19,500.00

Course Duration: 6 Months

Total Class No: 54


IELTS Premium Course is primarily created to assist you in achieving your desired IELTS score. Whether it's an Academic Module or General Training, this course will teach you a variety of techniques. Your score on all IELTS papers, including Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking, will increase dramatically if you follow these techniques. In contrast to others, we won't provide you generic advice and will instead assist you in selecting the approaches that will work the best for you. From student to student, strengths and weaknesses differ significantly. So, while a certain approach might be effective for someone, it may not be for someone else. You will be given assistance in locating said strategies by the instructors at S@ifur’s. You can attend the classes from any of our branches you choose because we follow a regular and strict study schedule.

Listening classes will cover all the question types and sections and Reading classes will cover different patterns of question. Writing classes will focus on making your writing more appealing and flawless while Speaking classes will teach you all the tips related to speaking fluently and precisely. Within a six-month period, where you will be able to complete the IELTS course twice. So, you will have access to 54 classes in total. There are 16 practice tests included in the course that will allow you to evaluate your progress. Additionally, 2 full complimentary Mock Tests are provided so that you can analyze your abilities before taking the IELTS test. 

Things you will learn from this course:

      • A description of the IELTS exam and the distinctions between the Academic and General Training Modules.
      • A detailed Idea about the structure of IELTS and different papers: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.
      • How to approach certain papers with different techniques and strategies. Identifying the methods that, given your talents and shortcomings, will work best for you.
      • How to effectively manage your time so you never run out of time.

Course Outline

Introduction & Course Plan

IELTS Basics: Different Modules and Papers

Class 01- Sec1: Complete Form + Sec2: Maps

Class 02- Sec3: Complete Table + Sec4: Flow Chart

Class 03- Sec1: Complete Notes + Sec2: MCQ

Class 04- Sec3: Correct Letter + Sec4: Fill Table

Full Listening Practice Tests

Class 01- Speaking Part 1: Interview Tricks

Class 02- Speaking Part 2: Cue Card Tips

Class 03- Speaking Part 3: Discussion Tricks

Full Speaking Practice Tests

Class 01- List of Headings + Yes/No/Not Given

Class 02- List of People & Statements

Class 03- Completing Sentences & Flowchart

Class 04- MCQ & Short Questions

Class 05- Fill in Gaps & Information Finding

Class 06- List of Headings & Diagram

Class 07- Full Reading Practice Test

Class 01- Reading Passages 1, 2, 3,4 in Depth

Class 02- Reading Passage 5 in Depth

Class 03- Full GT Reading Practice Test

Class 01- Task 02: Structure of Agree/ Disagree

Class 02- Writing Task 01: Techniques + Bar Chart

Class 03- Task 02: Structure of Reason-Solution

Class 04- Writing Task 01: Pie Charts + Tables

Class 05: Writing Task 01: Process and Diagram

Class 06- Writing Task 02: Advantage-Disadvantage

Class 07- Writing Task 01: Describing Maps

Class 08- Writing Task 02 Practice Tests

Class 09- Writing Task 01 Practice Tests

Class 01- Writing Task 02: Agree/ Disagree Essay

Class 02- Writing Task 01: Letter Writing

Class 03- Writing Task 02: Reason-Solution Essay

Class 04- Letter Writing Tips & Tricks

Class 05- Different Types of Letter

Class 06- Writing Task 02: Advantage-Disadvantage

Class 07- How to improve your Letter

Class 08- Writing Task 02 Practice Test

Class 09- Writing Task 01 Practice Tests


16+ years old,
Passport/ NID,
At least SSC/ O-levels/ Dakhil graduation

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